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Nickname: BoredMen30
Alter: 32
Land: Deutschland
Bundesland: Bayern
Geschlecht: Mann
Sexualität: Straight
Beziehung: Single
Haarfarbe: Brunette
Augenfarbe: Blue
Gewicht: 66 Kg
Rasiert: if necessary
Kik:BoredMen30 keine credits mehr Hello my queen or mister, I am 30 M and want to be your slave. I obey you and do what you tell me to do. You can humiliate me and tell me what to do with my objects. We have cords, ropes, handcuffs, objects, bandages and clips. I'm getting dirty and wet for you. Write to me privately and have fun with me in kick. Drawn your slave
  • Oralsex
  • Rollenspiel
  • Weiche Drogen
  • Sexspielzeuge
  • Handjob
  • Analsex
  • Sadomasochismus
  • Light Bondage
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